Anudip has recently hired 15 new specially trained graduates from its MAST program to join our growing work team at Metiabruz, a predominantly Muslim area about 1 hour outside of Kolkata. Our Metiabruz MERIT center has now grown from 20 to 35 people, and is 100% staffed by local women who we are thrilled to have as part of the Anudip community. Most are earning their first livelihood and still living at home supporting their families. Anudip’s global clients who provide IT projects to our women at Metiabruz or at our other MERIT centers are able to get a high quality product completed on time, at a low cost. Because Anudip has committed to building livelihood opportunities in rural and semi-urban areas like Metiabruz, they are proof that new income sources can be generated in outlying communities, a result of which is a general uplift of the living standards in the area while reducing urban migration to the city. These hard working women are thrilled to be able to walk to work or easily commute in a matter of minutes, We have expanded the scope of our MERIT projects and currently are working on 6 different contracts, with new ones constantly coming our way. Our total MERIT operation is now about 55 people, and it will grow quickly over the next 12 months. We have plans to announce another expansion into a beautiful rural area called the Sunderbans, which is in the far south of West Bengal near Bangladesh. We have training centers already in the area, so it will be a win-win for many graduates who may be able to join our MERIT team in their local area.

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