Human Capital philosophy rest on four pillars. Click on them to learn more about us.

Employee Focus:

→ We discover the needs and expectations of our people


→ Our processes and services focuses on their needs and expectations


→ We continually seek to improve our services and processes to make work interesting for our employees

Quality Service:

→ We provide the right services at the right time


→ Our services add value


→ We design processes that are easy to use and understand

Respect, Trust, and Fairness:

→ Every person in the organization has the right to be treated with respect


→ Our processes are designed to ensure not only that individuals are fairly treated, but that they perceive that they have received a “fair shake”


→ Our activities and services promote understanding and relationships based in honesty and trust

Strategic Enhancement:

→ Our services are aligned with our strategic vision


→ We support divisions and departments as they seek to achieve their goals and objectives


→ We embrace change


” I have joined Anudip in the year 2018. What fascinates me here is work culture and motivated co-workers all around me. I also see an eagerness among the employees to adapt and learn. Looking to a great time here.”

” My connection with Anudip goes back to 2012 when I had joined as a soft-skill faculty. Now I am in charge of South 24 Paraganas training operations in West Bengal. Anudip, to me will always be less a job, more an emotion “

“ I feel very lucky to be the part of this organization and proud to be an Anudipite. I always feel supported and enjoy being its part that cares for its students and staff! I feel connected, communicated and taken care off. ”