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We partner with our clients to expand their business potential by providing solutions in skilled manpower search and selection, project based hiring and recruitment process. By understanding the significance of aligning talent strategy with business strategy we tend to offer digital workforce solutions that drive businesses forward.


Our capability in fast delivery has gained us the reputation of being a reliable and efficient talent-search firm for all kind of industry specific demands.


    Explore the strategic partnership opportunities below :

    E2T :

    E2T (Employer to Training) business is focused on identification and customization of talents as per job role needs of the employer. This model is designed in collaboration with the employer, who customizes the curriculum and training methodology to get the desired human capital for their operations. Under this model, employer-endorsed–training is provided to aspirants who are then assessed and formally referred to the employer post training and evaluation. The expressed purpose of the E2T module is to make career-aspirants from under-served communities get acclimatize to employer-specific job-roles in the digital economy and obtain sustainable employment opportunities and aspirational careers.


    The strategic partnership of such collaborative training program benefits all participating stakeholders in the following ways :


    Employers: Helps partner employer with on-time availability of rightly skilled resources which the specific job role demands. Direct integration and involvement of partner employer in the process of developing training curriculum and delivery methodology results in high conversion during selection process and delivering high on retention of the candidates post on-boarding.


    Career Aspirants: The systematic, time bound and relevant training program creates long term impact on the aspirants. Participation of employers in the training program addresses the aspirant’s concerns which are beyond just skills or job-knowledge, but provides a holistic approach to their long term career aspirations.


    Some of our major E2T projects:


    iMerit Technology Pvt. Ltd : Anudip is a strategic partner of its sister company iMerit Technology Services, one of the global leaders in digital  data services. iMerit employs Anudip’s graduates who works in internet processes, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital publishing and more such leading breakthrough technologies to offer high-quality outsourcing services to global clients. Nearly 80% of the iMerit employees are Anudip Alumni.


    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) : is one of the leading Indian multinational IT services, consulting and business solutions company headquartered in Maharashtra, India. Under TCS’s innovative employability model “ Affirmative Action Training ” Anudip enrolls students who undergoes 100 hours of training sessions encompassing twenty days of Anudip’s unique technology-driven training with the necessary IT, English language and ancillary skills followed by TCS’s Affirmative Action Training customized for meaningful new-economy employment in the Tata Group.


    Karvy Group headquartered in Hyderabad, India is one of the prominent financial services conglomerate. Karvy customizes the curriculum and provides job-specific roles to Anudip for preparing students as per their needs. Post training, Karvy hires the skilled students, providing them job-roles as per their undergone training.

    On-Campus Cluster Based Hiring :

    is launched considering the volume of hiring across geographies. Through this innovative design, we convert few of our skill and career development centers as Hub Hiring Centres and invite potential candidates from all near and far centers at one place and in turn delivers better retention rate.

    Campus to Corporate :

    is designed to bridge the gap between employers and job-seekers. Through frequent industry visits organized with the help of our corporate partners, the students are provided with latest technology trends and insight on the new-age employability skill-sets.

    On-Job Training and Apprenticeships :

    We constantly explore opportunities and partner with organizations wherein we can seize on-the-job training (OJTs) opportunities for our students. Such OJTs are provided towards the end of the course to provide live simulation and hands-on-experience to our students.


    “Anudip adopts a judicious mix of theory and practical application, which equips its students with the requisite skills needed in being smart corporate citizens who are ready and articulate. ABP Digital Business has been hiring candidates from Anudip and we have seen them adapt rapidly to our dynamic new-age requirements. ”

    Swarup Debnath,
    Team – Human Resource ABP Group

    “Anudip is truly remarkable at finding great talent for our organization. We truly appreciate their professionalism in providing the best candidates who excels in terms of their skills, knowledge and understanding of the sector. Thank you Anudip for being solution provider for our timely hiring needs.”

    Sudipto Sett
    Human Resource, Spencer’s Retail

    “Thanks to Anudip’s Corporate Relationship Cell who has been extremely co-operative and willing to walk that extra mile to provide us with career-aspirants who inherit a fine blend of skills and industry-focused competencies. We have recruited for the second year in succession and are delighted to have Anudip as valued partner.

    Puthumai A Nazarene
    Team Leader – Affirmative Action, TCS

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