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Our partnership with our clients focuses on providing the right candidate for them through the manpower job placement consultancy that we provide. This increases their volume of business and narrows the right manpower supply issue. Digital-based training helps the clients in recruiting the right manpower with trending knowledge. Their partnering with Anudip Foundation helped them in their manpower planning, efficiently. Employee Training and Development initiative conducted by Anudip Foundation benefits the aspirants to be job-ready.

Our efficient manpower supply helped the clients in relying on us regarding the manpower recruitment drive.


    Explore the strategic partnership opportunities below :

    E2T :

    Anudip Foundation in collaboration with the clients, trains and develops the aspirants according to the needs of the employer. E2T (Employer to Training) initiative helps the aspirants in getting trained by the employers, as per their organization necessities.

    Employee training and development is an important thing for any employee before fully involved in the work culture. With the involvement of the client, proper training and development module is generated for the aspirants.

    The employers customize the training and development models and prepare the aspirants accordingly.

    Once the employee training program get successfully over, the employers are referred and the joining procedure begins.

    On-Campus Cluster Based Hiring :

    To establish recruitment spanning across geographies, Anudip Foundation has created hub hiring centers in various parts. this enables the campus recruitment process in those hub hiring centers. Aspirants from locations near the centers would find it accessible to be present in the recruitment drive.

    Campus hiring companies, also find it easier as more candidates from different geographical locations can be experimented with.

    Campus to Corporate :

    This initiative is introduced to bridge the gap between, employers and job seekers. The job seekers were invited for industry visits, which gives them an idea of how the organization works.

    On-Job Training and Apprenticeships :

    On-job training and apprenticeships are other initiatives that are essential activities for the trainees. This gives them the idea and the clarity of how the work has been done. On-job training programs help the candidates in preparing themselves for the job while working.


    “Anudip adopts a judicious mix of theory and practical application, which equips its students with the requisite skills needed in being smart corporate citizens who are ready and articulate. ABP Digital Business has been hiring candidates from Anudip and we have seen them adapt rapidly to our dynamic new-age requirements. ”

    Swarup Debnath,
    Team – Human Resource ABP Group

    “Anudip is truly remarkable at finding great talent for our organization. We truly appreciate their professionalism in providing the best candidates who excels in terms of their skills, knowledge and understanding of the sector. Thank you Anudip for being solution provider for our timely hiring needs.”

    Sudipto Sett
    Human Resource, Spencer’s Retail

    “Thanks to Anudip’s Corporate Relationship Cell who has been extremely co-operative and willing to walk that extra mile to provide us with career-aspirants who inherit a fine blend of skills and industry-focused competencies. We have recruited for the second year in succession and are delighted to have Anudip as valued partner.

    Puthumai A Nazarene
    Team Leader – Affirmative Action, TCS

    To be a strategic partner write us at corporaterelations@anudip.org