Enhancing Future Talent through Futurepro.

As part of its ongoing efforts to foster an ecosystem that enhances 21st century talent with the right set of skills, Anudip launched Futurepro©, aimed at preparing a global workforce with the skills needed to future-proof their careers in an age of rapid technological change. Futurepro©, would generate 21st Century Professionals and Global Citizens possessing foundational skills to learn in modern technology, effective communication skills, demonstrate order thinking, problem-solving mindset, an ability to ask questions and self-learn, and be resilient team players with high empathy quotient. Through this program, Anudip Foundation trains and guides its students in enhancing job readiness.

Aimed to prepare 15+ year age group to build tangible and measurable behaviors relevant to the 21st Century, Futurepro© is a highly scalable module shaped by a deep understanding of the needs of under-served youth. This particular module is formed to teach their students the key skills for job readiness and enables them to get prepared for the outside market with the skills required.


  • Make youth curious learners with an ability to self-learn
  • Train them to think critically as they encounter and solve problems
  • Teach them to communicate effectively, and the value of collaboration and teamwork
  • Expand their view of the world as global citizens –enriched by self-awareness, empathy, and cross-cultural understanding
  • Ensure they are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) iterate for the 21st century