Education is the light that can dispel the darkness of ignorance. However, quality education has become costly and inaccessible to many, especially those coming from the underprivileged background. Since education is the key to secure a bright future, students from disadvantaged sections often do not make it and continue to wallow. Besides, education should lead to the sharpening of faculty, induce rational thinking, and empower a person with job-oriented skills. Hence, the education curriculum should have skill development courses as a means to achieve financial inclusion and bring about social change.

    When a society is mired in inequalities, poverty, and social divisions, education becomes the key or medium to fight these and make people aware, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and responsible. Education can light the torch and illuminate the lives of people who have fallen by the wayside in the road to development. Education, especially in science and technology, can equip a person with the wherewithal to rise above the morass of ignorance, unemployment, and chaos. It can bring about phenomenal changes in each and every aspect of a person’s life including securing for him or her the means to earn a decent livelihood. Education is the process that transforms a person from being a mere citizen whining about fate into a responsible person contributing positively to the progress of the nation.

    If India has to secure her rightful place among the comity of nations and become a developed nation, her citizens should play a meaningful role and fight against vices and entrenched inequities – social, financial and gender-based. People at large, especially from the socially backward sections easily fall prey to superstitions and the machinations of the powerful. The cherished values of our democracy can only be enjoyed if people are able to see the road ahead and rise above petty divisions. Moreover, since the world is changing rapidly, more so in the field of technology, the contours of jobs or their requirements are poised for a change as well. The types of jobs that were mainstream a decade back are in for a transformation going forward.

    The rapid pace of digitization in virtually every field of our economy has created a demand for skilled personnel, both at the ground as well as high-end levels. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Big Data, etc., are defining the new world. If the workforce has to adapt to the changing dynamics driven by the above-mentioned technologies, then it needs to both learn and unlearn. In other words, learn the new technologies and paradigms and unlearn the shibboleths. To enable the same, the workforce should go through industry relevant skill development courses. This is where the efforts of the governments can be supplemented in abundant measure by Anudip, the noted non-profit organization.

    Anudips role in educating the youth from socially marginalized backgrounds

    Anudip, based in India and the United States has an enviable track record. We have earned considerable goodwill and accolades in disseminating quality education and training for the underprivileged. We run highly impactful courses for employment in the digital domain. Through the DIYA initiative (Digital Inclusion of Young Aspirants,) we endeavour to build a pathway in securing a digital livelihood for the deprived. The initiative aims at building careers in eCommerce, retail, logistics, banking and finance, telecom, insurance, and other areas. The skill development courses are imparted using innovative technologies in a digitally driven environment. We at Anudip not only train individuals from marginalized sections in digital skills but help them to secure their livelihood as well. In other words, Anudip has become a powerful transformative agent for social change and financial inclusion.

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