• March 31, 2014
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    Two former students of Anudip Foundation, Shyamali Roy and Rehana Khatoon, who have excelled on the staff of Anudip’s sister company,iMerit Technology Services, were honored at the annual gala of American India Foundation in San Francisco on March 29th before six hundred Silicon Valley luminaries. While introducing the two companies and its leaders, Radha and Dipak Basu, AIF co-founder Pradeep Kashyap spoke highly of the accomplishments of the two social enterprises in providing livelihood opportunities in the IT sector, dignity, security, and a voice to over 20,000 marginalized people of eastern India. The picture depicts the honorees (middle) with Anudip and iMerit founders Radha and Dipak Basu.

    iMerit CEO, Radha Basu, spoke of the “power of rural youth and women” when given an opportunity to express itself. As an example, she described the township of Metiabruz, a tradition-bound community of 700,000 inhabitants southeast of Kolkata, where Anudip has provided skills and iMerit has provided IT-services employment to two hundred women.

    “Where I live, the locality is not a very developed area,” said Rehana Khatoon, a project coordinator at iMerit, and a resident of Metiabruz. “Here people are not very educated and they think girls should not work outside the home, or get higher education. However, Anudip and MAST have proved them wrong. When I joined the course and got my job, I found out that unlike what people from our community said, girls can do anything they want to do.”

    In her speech, Shyamali Roy, a project leader who travels two hours each way to her job at Metiabruz said, “My lifelong dream was to get a job with which I can support my family. And the Anudip training has helped me get closer to that goal. There are other centers that provide similar training but MAST is different. It helps people who cannot afford expensive courses. And most importantly, then it helps the trainees get placed in jobs and build life-long careers.”

    During their short stay in the USA, Rehana and Shyamali, will not only savor the attractions of the country, but also meet several iMerit customers.

    While extremely proud of its former students, Anudip is deeply grateful to the American India Foundation, its leadership team and program staff, for six years of sponsorship and guidance which have been instrumental to our growth and ability to serve our beneficiaries.

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