• December 19, 2017
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    Anudip, unveiled its brand identity on the landmark of its 10th anniversary celebration in Kolkata on December 12th, 2017. The new corporate identity uses three fundamental differentiators: technology, transformation and empowerment to reflect Anudip’s unique character and strength as an archetypal professional brand which primarily creates aspirational livelihoods through digital inclusion for career aspirants in emerging economies.

    “We created the old logo a decade ago during Anudip’s inception. A lot has changed since then; not just the scale and scope of our work, but there has been significant changes in the information technology industry that we serve. ” said Dipak Basu, Anudip CEO during the launch, “and so we decided to challenge ourselves in response to these changes through a rejuvenated and modernized visual identity that fully reflects the ability of our brand to constantly adapt and master technology transformations and innovate continuously for accelerating social change. ”

    While the Teal colour in the new logo signifies growth, optimism and positive change; the transition from black to teal reflects major life transformation of youth, overcoming barriers through digital-age learning experiences and digital employment prospects. The typography used in the wordmark is balanced with hard edges and soft curves to acknowledge both – the hard and the soft skills along with professional training that the aspirants receive at Anudip.

    At the core of the new identity is the new tagline – Life. Transformed. These two words express the way Anudip is driving knowledge economy initiatives for social good and transforming the lives of people we serve. “We have been on a fantastic trajectory empowering our beneficiaries with digital technology skills and new–age employment opportunities” added Jai Natarajan, Anudip Board Member, “and now it is time for our brand to embody the company we have evolved to.”

    Anudip’s new brand mark has been designed by Perennial Inc, a creative firm that delivers design strategies for major brands in Canada and around the world. The evolved identity will be rolled out to all Anudip initiatives, offerings, communications, and experiences to humanize the unique look of the company as an instantly recognizable brand.

    Click here to see the transformation story.

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