Anudip Foundation has launched a new program, the Anudip Academy, in partnership with NetHope, a technology alliance of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations. The first Academy was opened in the town of Baruipur near Kolkata on May 6, 2014. Members of the Academy team of (left to right) Manas Khawas, Sanjay Rai, Mehuli Majumdar, and Afiqul Mallick, can be seen in the picture. Anudip directors, Arup Das and Abhijit Sen, led the inauguration ceremonies at Baruipur.

    The partnership of Anudip Foundation and NetHope will build on proven skillsets, assets, and experiences into the Anudip Academy.  This partnership leverages their core competencies and enables the partners to extend their reach beyond what they would be able to do on their own.  Specfic objectives of the program are:

    • Respond to unmet market demand for qualified IT professionals in India
    • Focus on high value-add workforce development by skilling up promising youth and womn for well-paying jobs as IT professionals
    • Provide technical training complemented by much needed professional skills training to groom students for the workplace.

    The Academy meets its objectives by employing a proven methodology for:

    • Identifying motivated youth that are university and technical college graduates but need “polishing” to get full-time employment as IT professionals.  Preference is given to underserved populations – women and members of marginalized communities
    • Working with leading tech sector employers to identify the technical and professional skill gaps and train its students to address the shortages in qualified IT professionals
    • Placing Academy graduates in a wide range of professional jobs in the private sector, at NGOs, and with governmental institutions that impact health, education, commerce, rural development, banking and much more
    • Tracking results against a rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework
    • Achieves financial sustainability through a cost-recovery model

    The Academy curriculum in its first instance will cover basic computing skills, in-depth Microsoft technology courses, and job readiness softskills. Future courses are expected to cover server configuration, Cisco networking, and corporate entrepreneurship. In the picture below Lisa Obradovich, NetHope Program Manager, second from left, is shown at a Academy planning meeting in January with Anudip’s Dipak Basu, Mehuli Majumdar, and Subhra Bandyopadhyay.

    The Anudip Academy is supported by a grant from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

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