• November 12, 2018
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    Blog by Brahma Sankar Das, Assistant Manager – Training & Operations, Anudip Odisha.

    This is my third blog and I decided to write it after meeting one of my former students. It was in my list of ToDo’s for a long time.

    It was at 5 o’clock one evening. I went out from the branch office of Anudip in Bhubaneswar for a small tea break with a colleague. We were just passing the iMerit office when, from a distance, I saw Prakash coming from the opposite direction wearing formal clothes and an official identity card. He had a smile on his face as he had already noticed me.

    We came close and he wished me “Good evening, sir.

    Believe me, I was more excited than him. So, I also greeted him. I asked him, “How are you Prakash?”

    “I am fine sir,” he replied in a gentle tone.

    I watched him for a while and he asked me, “What happened?”

    “You have changed a lot,” I told, Prakash. “I can see a more confident Prakash in you.”

    With surprise on his face he replied, “Really sir?”

    ”Yes it is,” I said. “I am very glad to see you like this.”

    You must be wondering why I was so excited!

    Let me tell you something about him. His name is Prakash Chandra Guin. He is 24. He is the eldest child of his parents. He is from a small village named Prathamakhandi in the district of Jajpur in Odisha. His father is a weaver and whatever he weaves, he sells it in the local market to earn a living for the family.

    Prakash has passed his intermediate examination. After that, during an auto-miking, he came to know about Anudip. He approached the foundation’s center at Kuakhia, and enrolled himself in the MAST course. After successful completion, he was screened and shortlisted for Anudip’s IMPACT training programme.

    Prakash always reminds me of his dedication, strong determination and ready to go attitude. These are the reasons that, to get a job and join in iMerit, he went through 5 unsuccessful attempts and finally on the 6th attempt he cleared the iMerit Entrance Test and that too with the highest score in the online assessment and subsequent personal interview rounds. After every unsuccessful attempt, we both discussed areas of improvements. Being a guide, I was focusing on the basics as reasons for his rejection. However, if i could have noticed some things from the beginning, he could have get the job much earlier. Every time, the reason for rejection was his lack of confidence because of his short height and dark complexion. So, we started working on this and finally he overcame that fear and ended with flying colous.

    Nowadays, I find him in his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles as Prakash Chandra Guin, ITeS Executive, iMerit Technology Services, Bhubaneswar. Every time I see his profile, it brings a smile to my face. Yes, he has been working at iMerit for the last 1.5 years drawing a good salary. He has enrolled himself in a 3 year graduation course through distance education. He is supporting his younger brother and sister in their higher studies and also is planning to set up a small business for his father in his own village.

    Students like Prakash are justifying our motto, “Life. Transformed.” Today, he is digitally skilled, employable by top MNCs, and is an example for all our students and all of us.

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