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    The United Nations has envisioned a set of goals pertaining to the empowerment of society at a large. Known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, these are enforced to improve the socio-economic conditions. However, given the enormity of the challenge, the onus of meeting the goals requires a consolidated effort from the government, NGOs, private businesses, and non-profit organizations. This is where, we, at Anudip are working towards improving the lives of individuals from underprivileged backgrounds. By offering livelihood opportunities, we strive to empower high-need youth and women by providing technology-linked skills along with smart career opportunities. The following United Nation’s SDGs drive Anudip to make a positive transformation in marginalized communities and create meaningful impact:

    1.Reduce or eliminate poverty– Poverty blights the growth of individuals and communities and make them vulnerable to hunger, disease, crime, and exploitation. Due to acute poverty, marginalized people are not being able to avail the basic amenities of life. Moreover, poverty drags down the economy as a substantial number of people are not able to take part in the economic activity of the nation. However, it has been observed that by providing suitable employment opportunities the standard of living of people can be improved. For example, Anudip has been able to make a difference to the lives of socially marginalized people. Our Foundation has trained and empowered more than 85,000 youth and, has touched more than 425,000 lives.

    2. Empower people with quality education- Education is the primary vehicle to achieve a promising career and a fulfilling life. Without quality education, it becomes difficult to climb the ladder of success. SDGs have asserted the importance of imparting quality education that is non-discriminatory as well. In this endeavour, Anudip stands tall by offering quality employability-driven courses for all thereby lending hope and stability to the lives of underserved communities.

    3. Ensure gender equality- The UN has held gender equality and women empowerment as prerequisites to achieve the goal of sustainable development. Thus, in addition to supporting the enrolment of girls in educational institutions, the SDG goals include curbing the menace of violence on women, trafficking and all forms of exploitation in private and public spheres. At Anudip, we impart skill development training to the victims of trafficking and to the girls/women from marginalized backgrounds and impoverished communities.

    4. Decent work & economic growth- Limited access to jobs prevent a large number of people from having a decent standard of living. Not only does the scarcity of job generate frustration among the youth, but also adversely affects the GDP of the country. Therefore, its implications are wide and far-reaching. Anudip helps needy youth aspirants get trained in new-age skills-set and technology driven training which enables them to get placed with decent job opportunities and acquire smart careers in leading brands like TCS, Walmart, Spencers, iMerit Technologies, Amazon and others.

    5. Reduced inequalities- For sustainable development, there should be a level playing field for every individual to grow. From curbing gender inequality to ending economic disparity, the SDGs promote the ending of discrimination in every sphere. To align with this broader goal, we aim to empower people from deprived backgrounds through digital inclusion and vocational skills training.

    6. Sustainable cities & communities- Honing the hi-need communities and enabling empowerment of the underserved youth and women is one of the key components for social development. By providing quality education and enhancing the economic security of disadvantaged, Anudip galvanizes their social and economic welfare paving a path towards sustainable communities. In this endeavour to create a sustained society, Anudip established more than 100+ skilling centres across the deprived rural and semi-urban areas; trained 85,000 underprivileged youth and women with advanced digital skills and enabled least 80% of them with new-economy jobs. In the coming years, Anudip aims to eradicate poverty, execute skilling development programs across the underdeveloped locations, provide quality education, reduce inequality and promote economic growth, employment and decent work for all thereby determining more sustainable cities and communities in the future.


    To create a non-partisan world for individuals from socially marginalized families, we have set our unwavering focus on digital inclusion, skill development training and creating smart livelihoods for women and youth from under-developed communities of the world.

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