• April 22, 2020
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    Anudip’s 3D4D (3D printing for development) is an innovative program for creating 3D printedprosthetic solutions using 3D Design and Printing technologies. Leveraging declining price-points, Anudip has been creating lightweight, customized, 3D-printed prosthetics for needy amputees by evaluating each patients-user’s unique situation and providing most usable device.

    During the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic, a severe shortage of protective equipment is putting India’s front-line fighters against the virus at grave risk. The healthcare workers are tending to infected persons at immense personal risk. Those attending to a COVID-19 infected patient require a PPE kit, which includes face-shields, and masks. In this emergency pace, Anudip has redirected 3D-printing resources from its innovative Prosthetics program, to producing 1000 much-needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for caregivers fighting the COVID-19 outbreak in West Bengal.

    Anudip in association with Capgemini has handed over 400+ Vispala 3D Printed Face Shield (Pictured on the right) to Shri Sanjay Bansaal, IAS, Additional Secretary, Health & FW Department, Government of West Bengal, India. The 3D Printed Vispala Face Shields provide clear advantage over available re-usable face shields in the market.


    70% of the Anudip 3D4D staff, who have been our Alumni, are now skilled and transformed into avid makers of Vispala 3D printed face shields. They vow to alleviate Government of West Bengal’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) crisis for COVID-19 caregivers. 600+ 3D printed shields will be further provided to the Government for medical professionals for protection from ongoing COVID-19 infection.

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