Blog by Sandip Bose, Faculty,Baruipur West Bengal.

    My name is Sandip Bose, I am a faculty member of Anudip’s Baruipur center. Recently I have completed a year in the organization. It’s been a wonderful journey so far under the guidance of experienced and friendly colleagues and seniors . Before joining Anudip I did not have any experience in the skill development sector. So I am thankful that Anudip has provided me the opportunity to work closely with underprivileged youth and provide them livelihoods by training them.

     Anudip is working for the skill development of rural youth in backward areas, thus we expect that majority of our students would come from villages. Baruipur is no exception, it is the biggest city of south 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, and most of our students come from the surrounding area, which is not much developed, They like coming to our Baruipur Digital Learning Center which is one of biggest centers in the state. Near Baruipur there is a place called Dhamua which is 15 km away. A student at Baruipur is named Biplab Halder. His father is a house painter, mother is a home maker and he has an elder brother who works in a saree shop.

    From a friend he came to know about Anudip. He enrolled himself in an Anudip IMPACT course. After seeing him struggling to reach to the center and the classroom, I noticed that he has some disability which forces him to toil while walking. One day I asked him about it and he told me that that he has arthritis, which has become severe. He told me how painful it was for him both physically and mentally for more than a year. About how he felt when he used to watch his friends running and playing in the ground and he simply watched them while laying on the bed. Doctors told his parents that it will be impossible for him to walk again. But the Almighty had other plans for him. His willpower helped him beat this disability and few months later he stared to walk on his own. Everybody was surprised including biplab himself. He knew something good will happen.

    Although he was from a village, unlike other young people he could speak in English always, and with confidence, though not always correct.  I liked the fact that with so many challenges, this boy has the will and urge to be successful and he is trying to improve himself on a daily basis. Then he got selected in iMerit in his first attempt and made all of us proud. Now he can support his family.

    He was my first placed student in iMerit’s Baruipur project center. He is still working there and whenever he gets time from his responsibilities he visits Anudip center And speaks with me in English. Slowly he has improved his English. I give him as an example to my new students to motivate them. That how a person, who almost went into depression because of his disability, now works in a leading IT company and travels by his own. He still struggles to walk, catch a crowded train, catch an auto-rickshaw on a busy road, but that zeal and will keep him going every day

    Literally Anudip transforms lives.

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