• May 29, 2019
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    Achieving success in today’s techno driven world is underpinned majorly on factors such as knowledge, skills, and experience among others. The job scenario has become intensely competitive with companies seeking candidates who have the relevant new-age skills, experience, and qualifications. Given this background, leading in a career is achievable if he or she is backed by a right mentor. In other words, a mentor can help you to choose the right course of action and reorient or shape your goals. He or she can apprise you of the many pitfalls that may lay on your path and offer you the guidance to address those. The mentor can act as a crystal ball that warns you of the impending challenges and motivates you to achieve seemingly impossible targets.

    On this note, Anudip, as an organization, has been a mentor for thousands of talented youth from the underprivileged sections of our society. At Anudip, we offer training courses for employment to job-aspirants who are from low-income family groups. The large number of vocational and new-age skill development training centres established by Anudip across marginalized locations has been proven to be a guiding light for many opportunity-limited youth aspirants. Even after skilling, mentoring and employing the at-risk aspirants with sustainable career opportunities, we continue to monitor their performances in their jobs. We endeavour to address the same, paving the way for their future growth, if we find issues or challenges that may hinder their growth in their current job-roles.

    A right mentor thus is required by everyone in all aspects of life. One should also remember that the mentor does not have any magic wand to set things right but will usher the path to help one make things right.

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