• August 20, 2018
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    Aimed toward rehabilitating the crisis-stricken survivors of trafficking in women and children who face the stigma of sex trade and travails of bonded labor, discrimination and social taboo, Anudip unveiled its pioneering BEST (Building Entrepreneurs to Stop Trafficking) initiative to enable the disadvantaged women and girls find viable and respectable professions.

    A pilot project, launched on August 10th 2018 with this distinctive objective, will mentor, skill and assist a group of 15 women and girls rescued after being trafficked (often multiple times)  in Murshidabad district in West Bengal to become digitally literate and  develop entrepreneurial proficiencies for economic and social integration.

    Speaking on the occasion, Anondomoi Konar, Social Welfare Officer, Murshidabad District and also the Chief Guest for the ceremonial event said, “Engaging survivors of women trafficking is a serious challenge and through its transformational programs, Anudip brings a fresh perspective by helping at-risk women learn information technology skills to generate self-driven income opportunities for substantial impact.”

    The BEST program, supported by Accenture, will offer three-months training following which it will set the students up with online work to generate income.

    “It is incredible to see these young girls in the age-group of 15 to 25 from penurious and traumatized backgrounds willing to seek this opportunity,” noted Arjun Dutta, District Child Protection Officer, Murshidabad.“By employing technology as a skill-force, Anudip will enable members of this high-risk community the join the national mainstream. ”

    Local leaders and government officials attended the inauguration program to encourage the BEST aspirants. Guardians of the students, who were special invitees at the event, shared the rescue experiences of their daughters and sisters, “hoping to get a secure and dignified life for their wards with Anudip’s helping hand.”

    “You all have your dreams, and we dream it for you,” emphasized Dipak Basu, Anudip CEO,  while encouraging the students to live a meaningful life to the BEST of their abilities.

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