• May 22, 2019
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    Gone are the days when academic qualifications alone would have been sufficient to fetch the youth their dream jobs. Today, the scenario has changed drastically due to disruptive technologies which resulted in less of manual efforts. However, one should also consider various reports and studies that have shown the lack of apt skills among job seekers to be one of the reasons for the rise in unemployment in recent times. Given this scenario, skill development has become the key factor to secure a job. The realization seems to have dawned on how significantly vocational training being accorded high priority by the government as well as the corporates – the latter through the CSR route. We, at Anudip, are at the forefront of imparting new-age skill development training to the socially marginalized individuals, who are opportunity-limited.

    At the same time, what we also believe is that – an individual’s ‘will’ plays a critical role in achieving this progressive goal. The government, corporates or non-for-profit organizations like us, can put in place schemes and skill development centres. However, all such efforts may go in vain if the youth and the community are reluctant to come forward and take up these opportunities.

    The role of skill and will

    It is an established fact that with proper vocational training, one can bag a decent job. Technical knowledge and hands-on experience are held to be of more value today than the academic records. No wonder, skill development has become the key to boost the employ-ability of youngsters these days. With that objective in mind, we, at Anudip offer a range of technology-driven skill development courses to the socially and economically backward individuals to make them job-ready with industry relevant proficiencies. Furthermore, the business houses that partner with us like TCS, Spencers, iMerit Technology, Amazon etc offer job opportunities for freshers who are digitally trained. This provides an opportunity to the youth to become self-sufficient and in turn, improve their socio-economic condition. However, the youngsters should possess the will to put in the effort and benefit from the courses offered to them, embracing change and imbibing the new.

    Skill together with will can be empowering in the truest sense since decent earnings can make them independent and rise above the threshold of poverty, while making them ambassadors or positive change and inspiration.

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