Millions today in India are facing the risk of hunger, and prolonged unemployment in the COVID crisis. We give you a chance to paint the pandemic to express your emotion and be a donor to feed someone in need! Your entry fee of INR 999 to register in this competition will feed an income less family of 4 for 10 days. Anudip with its focus to support the migrants is connecting people to express these emotions – through Paint the Pandemic- Change through Creative.

Win and get your art featured in Art’est — an Art Abode – a gallery and centre for art! Get e-certificates signed by Padmshri Awardee artists and let them make a big difference through their creativity.

All proceeds from the entry fees will be donated to the migrants
and income less people in the Covid Crisis


First 15 entries to avail registration discount fee at INR 799


Krishn Kanhai

A Padmshri awardee, Krishn Kanhai is
described as an artist with the
midas touch.
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Aarti Zaveri

Winner of Seychelles Biennale 2017,
Aarti is a multi-disciplinary artist.
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Neerajj Mittra

Famously called the alchemist of creativity – is
an alumnus of College of
Art, and a multifarious visual artist who
dreams ofnurturing passions with art.
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Theme of artwork is restricted to “Pandemic 2020 – My experience, My expression”. The event encourages submissions of artistic expressions in the following media:

  • Paintings – on Canvas/Paper – oil, watercolors, pencil, crayons
  • Digital Art – Graphical Posters & Paintings
  • Scultures/ Photography/Any other form of art

Exhibition and Prizes

  • Winners get featured in Art’est — an Art Abode
  • Get mentored by Show Curator: Neerajj Mittra,
    a multifarious visual artist
  • All Finalists receive e-certificates signed by
    Padma Shri Indian artist Krishn Kanhai
  • Participants will have a unique opportunity to showcase and
    sell their work. T&C. Apply*

Eligibility Criteria

Entries will be in following categories:

  • Professional Artists
  • Amateur Artists
  • Children & Students


  • Winners to be announced separately for each category
    mentioned above
  • Participants may please upload their works in PNG or JPG
    files only with maximum size upto 2 MB.
  • Please keep a copy of higher resolution files of your submitted
    artwork. We shall require it in case your work is shortlisted
  • Any form of indecent and obscene portrayal of woman and
    child, animal brutality, direct or indirect hate, anti-national,
    anti- government expressions/ visuals, sensitive to all religions,
    caste, creed and ethnicity is strictly prohibited.

Key Dates

  • Evaluation of Entries & Shortlist Announcement
    14th November 2020
  • Announcement of Prizes/Awards –30th November 2020.


Art’est — an Art Abode –

a gallery and centre for art, is the culmination of a
lifelong dream by artist and educationist Nandini
Ghosh and multidisciplinary visual artist Neeraj
Mittra. The Centre has been envisioned as a platform
for contemporary art, a forum for young curators
and a place for artists to interact with connoisseurs
and showcase their talent.

Show Curator: Neerajj Mittra,

Famously called the alchemist of creativity – is an
alumnus of College of Art, and a multifarious visual
artist who dreams of nurturing passions with art. A
much admired motivational speaker at TEDx, he has
more than 32 years of creating, and curating
immersive art experiences at national and
international platfotms.

Art and Media Consultant: Madhavi Advani

Luxury consultant Madhavi Advani has been India
chairperson social networking all ladies league,
lifelong ficci flo member, Influencer for woman
innovator with Ph.D. Tripathi Singhal, director
children's film forum at Marwah studio & business
advisor for a woman in business. Brand Ambassador
for Saree Sankiriti by Salma Sultan as well as Naurah
Brand by international fashion designer Ayesha
Khanna, International associate with Federation of
industry women entrepreneur, MENTORx

Luxury - India Head (Connecting Globally) as well as
an international luxury consultant with Aesthetics
International. To know more Visit Website