• November 20, 2019
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    With the world moving along the digital superhighway, enterprises have no choice but to embrace digital transformation. This means the adoption of new technologies and methodologies, and employing trained manpower. So, enterprises operating in various sectors viz., manufacturing, technology, education, logistics, health & fitness, travel & tourism, and hospitality, among others have woken up to the need to be integrated with the internet economy.

    Such integration, besides helping enterprises with improving productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ROI, helps them to stay competitive. The internet economy is abuzz with possibilities and opportunities, which the workforce of today needs to leverage and be successful. Let us understand how digital transformation has brought about changes in the way businesses operate.

    How digital transformation is changing the contours of business

    Today’s customers are a choosy lot. They are not satisfied with run-of-the-mill products or services but want quality to be the hallmark. Enterprises with ears to the ground must transform themselves in terms of their processes, workflows, delivery systems, and responsiveness. Moreover, with customer satisfaction becoming the sole differentiator for businesses to remain competitive, undertaking digital transformation has become inevitable. With digital transformation, businesses are becoming more agile and responsive. For example, paying utility bills, shopping for groceries or apparels or conducting financial transactions have become a breeze nowadays. This happened because businesses belonging to these sectors have updated their systems by incorporating cutting-edge technologies. As a consequence of digital transformation, businesses are getting the below-mentioned benefits –

    • Improving productivity by streamlining the workflows
    • Providing quick customer feedback
    • Improving the quality of products and their delivery timeline
    • Reducing the cost of operations
    • Enhancing brand awareness
    • Achieving better ROI and staying competitive


    What kind of workforce does the 21st century economy needs?

    The 21st century economy has businesses going for automation and digitization to stay competitive. This has created a demand for both high and low skilled jobs. If on one side, there is a requirement for high-end jobs like ERP programmers, data analysts, quality testers, DevOps specialists, and ethical hackers, among others, the other side too has jobs galore. These include data entry operators, call executives, etc. The industry has a pet peeve that pass outs from our educational institutions do not have the requisite skills aligned to the various requirements of the industry. This has given salience to the need for skill development conducted at the skill development training centres run by non-profit organizations like Anudip.

    Anudip’s role in creating a newly skilled workforce

    Anudip is a known name for empowering the youth from socially marginalized sections. It runs digitally aligned courses created or vetted by the industry and offers 100% placement assistance to successful candidates. Anudip’s certificate and diploma courses in subjects viz., Accounting with Tally, web and graphic designing, digital marketing, office automation, hardware associate skills, and ethical hacking, among others are tailor-made for the industry. Successful candidates are provided with placement opportunities in leading companies that are also the employer partners of Anudip. These include Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, iMerit Technologies, Spencers, Flipkart, Neilson, Amazon, Vodafone, and many others.


    The internet economy has helped to integrate the world and create in its wake many job opportunities. In order to leverage these opportunities, people looking for jobs or a change in their career can avail of skill development training. To know more about such training programmes conducted by Anudip, whatsapp 8145 111444 or write to publicrelations@anudip.org, or visit https://www.anudip.org/.

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