• August 21, 2019
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    Digital technologies have revolutionized the way we communicate, work, or lead our lives. These have brought in convenience, speed, efficiency, and affordability. There is hardly any realm or domain that has not been touched by the transforming power of digital technologies. Be it individuals, businesses, organizations, and even governments, digital technologies led transformation has given way to a seamless development and delivery of quality products and services.

    Today, the world veers around digitization with every sinew of the global economic landscape leveraging advanced digital technologies. In fact, it has ushered in a new era of globalization driven by cutting edge technologies such as AI, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, business processes such as production, testing, operations, and marketing have been streamlined and made more efficient thanks to this transformation. Thus, to fit into this rapidly changing technology landscape and prosper, one needs to possess the necessary skills. Let us find out how digital transformation has made the learning of digital skills imperative.

    # Digital transformation making an all-round impact

    The penetration of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops has brought the fruits of digitization to individuals as well as entities. It has spawned a new genre of job opportunities in the form of services. Digital transformation has made it possible for companies to reduce flab and become agile by outsourcing a slew of services. The impact is further felt with the emergence of SMAC where Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud have combined to develop a smart and efficient digital ecosystem.

    # Learning digital skills to stay relevant

    When the whole economic and job landscape has become digitized, it has become imperative for job seekers to learn digital skills and stay relevant. Thus, in addition to possessing academic qualifications, one should be adequately trained in various industry aligned digital skills. This is where enrolling in suitable skill development courses like new-age employer driven courses should be undertaken in right earnest. The NSDC courses run by the Government of India in collaboration with various organizations have become the benchmark as far as learning digital and other skills are concerned. Also, since IT has emerged as the leading sector to generate jobs, students looking to get one and make a career should go for skill development.

    # Anudip’s computer courses leading to empowerment

    Anudip’s vocational and skill development training centres in various parts of the country and train people from marginalized communities to get suitable jobs. Working towards these objectives since 2007, it has trained over 85,000 youth. Furthermore, Anudip offers job placement to successful students in partnership with a host of employers such as Amazon, iMerit Technology, TCS, IIFL, Wipro, Domino’s Pizza, Eureka Forbes, HGS, Swiggy, ABP Weddings, and Spencers etc.


    Digital economy is the future and should someone wants to be a part of this ecosystem, enrolling for suitable skill development courses needs to be done in right earnest. To know more, visit www.anudip.org.

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