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    There are times when the self-confidence of a person can hit rock bottom. The reasons could be many; lack of education, lack of skills, social and economic backwardness, disability of any kind, personal upheavals etc. In a world of intense competition where everyone has become a part of the rat race, self-confidence can be the key to emerge successful.

    Self-confidence: driving individual empowerment- It is a common saying that before you trust others, learn to trust yourself. In fact, you can be arguably the greatest motivator in your life. It is ultimately YOU who will decide what is best for you. Having an abundance of self-confidence lays the foundation of self-trust. Descartes, the French philosopher had once said ‘I think therefore I am’. However, if you have the required confidence in yourself, you can reword it to ‘I have therefore I can.’ Unless you have self-confidence, it will be a challenge for you to discover your ambition and figure out the right path to achieve the same. Undoubtedly, a confident self is a pre-requisite in finding out your real worth and capabilities; only then you can work towards it and embrace the path of success.

    How skill development can nurture self-confidence-
    Skill development means inculcating a new proficiency that will help you to earn financial independence in the long run; not to mention, becoming a means to garner self-confidence. A clear testament of this is what we see in our skill and career development training centre, where opportunity-limited youth from impoverished and challenging backgrounds can learn and gain expertise in various new-age skills like Communicative English, Digital Literacy, Hardware Networking Accounting with Tally, Graphics and Web Designing and many more. By bridging the skill-gap and also enabling these opportunity-limited youth a platform to hone themselves, Anudip has been successful in helping them gain their self-confidence and has shown them a road to be financial independent. More than 75% of our trained youth who are from difficult backgrounds are today working for leading corporates across multiple sectors in structured environments, leading a better, and a confident life.

    Conclusion- Hence, believing in own self is the first step to aim for the stars!

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