• July 23, 2019
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    English has emerged as the preferred language of professionals not only in India but in most of the developed world as well. As an international language, English is spoken in the corridors of power, industry, academia, media, and other places. In today’s world, if you are not fluent in English, you may not be able to realize your true potential and land a job that you aspire for. Moreover, as the principle language of the internet, English has become a popular means of communication, sharing information, and other activities. In recent times, since the service sector has emerged as a net job and revenue generator, people ought to have a working knowledge of the language to fit into the new world order, so to speak of.

    Reasons why you should learn English

    Opens up career opportunities: In today’s interconnected world economy, English has become the language of the corporate sector spoken by the executives, managers, or CEOs. Since many of the jobs have interfaces with the outside world, employees prefer to converse in English. So, unless an employee is proficient in the language, it can become difficult for him or her to perform let alone move up the ladder of success. The language opens up doors to various career opportunities, be it in law, banking, insurance, technology, Information Technology, manufacturing, or entertainment among others. So, unless you are familiar with the language, you can have a tough time securing a job, especially in a dynamic job market where there is a wide mismatch between demand and supply. By possessing a sound knowledge of English, you shall have plenty to choose from as far as job opportunities are concerned.

    Principle language of the digital world: The World Wide Web has caught the imagination of the world with many services riding on its seamless functioning. The services include web designing and development, mobile app development, digital marketing, corporate branding, and many more. Also, social media has exploded into the scene giving businesses the platform to build and popularize their brands and reach out to their target customers. Here, people with proficiency in the language will have the opportunity to work, either alone as freelancers or as employees of digital marketing agencies.

    How Anudip can help you in learning English: Anudip, the non profit organization, offers students, especially from the socially marginalized background, national skill development programme courses with communicative English forming an important part of the curriculum. In fact, Anudip helps successful candidates with job opportunities and a 100% placement assistance. There are scores of candidates who have benefited from such courses and are working in the corporate sector and earning handsomely. The confidence that the communicative English courses offer to candidates learning at the Anudip run centres helps them gain self esteem. This not only allows them to face job interviews but helps them to climb the ladder of success in their jobs as well.


    English has become the principle language of corporate communication in India, and most parts of the developed world. If you want to land a job in today’s competitive job market, knowing English will give you the much needed self confidence. So, join the courses run at the Anudip Foundation and make a career for yourself. To know more, contact us at info@anudip.org or contact +91 33 2357 7406.

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