• How customized training can create a talented workforce?

    • October 22, 2019
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    Today’s dynamic and highly competitive work environment requires businesses to be innovative and flexible. This helps them to stay up the competition curve and adapt to any new technology, tools, or paradigm. For example, in software testing, the traditional waterfall methodology has given way to Agile and DevOps, which businesses are embracing in a big way to remain successful and competitive. Remember, the workforce should not only possess the skills to perform the given tasks of the day but be knowledgeable, flexible, focused, and adaptive to any future requirements as well. Also, companies investing in training and skill development are known to have higher employee retention and engagement rate.

    Since each business can have different training and development goals, the training programs need to be customized accordingly. After all, the training programs should be impactful, aligned to the overall business objectives, help to solve specific issues, and generate a better ROI. However, in most cases concerning the workforce, there is often a gap between the proverbial cup and the lip. In other words, the workforce is not adept to meet the challenges that may arise owing to changing customer preferences or technology. One of the pressing reasons contributing to the dismal state of affairs is our current education system.

    Current education system gap: The emphasis of our current education system on rote learning rather than acquiring any actual skills has resulted in creating a workforce that is ill-suited to address the dynamic business challenges and market requirements of the day. This can lead to a situation where a company often finds itself handicap – for not having the right expertise. This not only impacts the quality of its products or services but can take a heavy toll on its brand value. So, is there a way out? The answer lies in updating the skills of the workforce at a skill development training centre.

    Skill development training shows the way: Since bookish knowledge is what most of our workforce seems to possess, there is an urgent need for up-skilling through skill development training. This is where the employer-driven courses run by Anudip can be of help. These courses help to equip candidates with the right skills and knowledge to take on the challenges of the day.

    Anudip’s success with its E2T model: The Employer to Training or E2T model run by Anudip focuses on the identification and training of talents in accordance with the job requirement of the employers. Here, employers, in collaboration with Anudip, design the curriculum and training methodology to get the desired workforce. The candidates are put through the employer-endorsed training program to be subsequently inducted into the workforce post evaluation and assessment. According to the E2T model, career aspirants from socially marginalized sections are given the opportunity to acclimatize themselves to specific job roles of the digital economy. This offers candidates from such sections to aspire for better employment opportunities. For example, companies like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), iMerit Technology Pvt. Ltd., Amazon and Karvy Group, in league with Anudip, have devised customized training courses for their hiring needs.

    Businesses need to move with the times to stay competitive and attain ROI. However, their workforce often lags in acquiring the relevant skills and expertise. This is where organizations like Anudip can help employers to fulfill their hiring needs with customized training programs. To know more about the E2T model of Anudip, visit https://www.anudip.org/strategic-sourcing/ or send a mail to publicrelations@anudip.org.

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