• April 18, 2019
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    The economic growth achieved over the years has brought about significant improvement in the lives of people. The economic activity has generated jobs in myriad sectors for scores of people leading to their financial empowerment. However, not everyone has benefited from the economic boom owing to lack of education or skills. To enable greater social cohesion, they should be made a part of the development process by providing suitable training and employment opportunities. Thus, the primary criterion for any socially marginalized youth or job-aspirants from low-income family groups, to join the mainstream wherein he or she can have a decent livelihood is skill development.

    Why is skill development important?

    Today’s techno driven economy requires a workforce that is qualified and suitably skilled in the technological platforms used by the industry. In twenty-first century economy, mere academic qualifications need not make a person suitable for employment. The need of the hour is to equip the workforce with the requisite skill set that makes it easy for the industry to optimize its resources, reduce costs, improve productivity, and achieve ROI. Since digital transformation initiatives have been adopted by businesses globally with the aim to become agile and offer better customer experience, the workforce should be equally adept in digital technologies.

    Notwithstanding the key role played by skill development training, people, especially from socially deprived sections, often fall prey to the expensive courses of various skill institutes. To mitigate the situation, we at Anudip offer advanced on-demand courses at an affordable cost for all to access.The success stories of several individuals from socially marginalized backgrounds post completion of new-age skill development courses from us bear testimony to the importance of being benefited and empowered.

    As a non for profit organization with a strong industry interface, we, at Anudip provide a string of employer-driven courses. We are successful in generating hundreds and thousands of digitally trained youth from deprived backgrounds and employing them in top-notch companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, iMerit Technologies, Spencers, Walmart, Amazon, Tech Mahindra and others.

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