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    • June 24, 2020
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    With the rapid advancement in technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming the need for every individual. The market research done in December 2019 by tech ARC firm has reported more than 500 million smartphone users in India. Aadhar, is the world’s largest digital IT programme according to the McKinsey Global Institute Report published in March 2019. The huge collection of data, both structured or unstructured is what we refer to as the Big Data. These Big Data might be collected from a smartphone, cameras, street sensors, and so on which helps building algorithms in order to make us more at ease in the near future.

    The AI field needs to be explored widely; the use of AI driven technology is keeping its giant foot everywhere: The Healthcare system, The Automated Car, Robotics, e-commerce, advertisements, administrative structure, and even those sectors which have not been explored in India widely; the insurance and Mutual Funds. You name it, and I guess most of the sectors need & will use AI to build a customer centric approach to deliver the best results.

    Most of us are aware of Google’s invention –Waymo(subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.), the autonomous car; which can interact with humans on its own and thus making decisions of parking spots, traffic routes on its own. The Google Maps synchronize data from previous trips making it a lot more fun. The car knows when you are going to the office and the time you leave office with all the data driven into it.

    In Finland, Helsinki is trying to collect a database of its population by collecting DNA samples of patients and their relatives visiting the hospital. Algorithms are made to detect different characteristics of a disease, to identify the changes made to a cell. It’s not about just curing but to diagnose the situation and provide better treatment facilities well in advance. Many complicated diseases need the help of a medical group but with the advancement of AI and with the help of Big Data, decisions can be made available easily to a single Doctor while Robot performing surgeries.

    Knowingly or Unknowingly, we have embraced the smartphone rapidly in the 21st century and with this being an essential part of our daily life, we are leaving behind a digital footprint. There are more than 3 million posts on Facebook, around 4 million searches on Google and more than 25 million Whatsapp messages send each second. With many features on our device as the GLens helping out to identify objects placed in front of a camera, the real-time translation, improved Face Recognition Technology, Understanding the Voice Commands (Alexa, Anki Vector & Google Home) there are endless numbers of features that we use without knowing the actual technology behind it.

    AI is helping the Ornithologists to classify and detect the pattern of movement of birds. It can help them count on the actual number of migratory birds that entered a zone and the actual count when they leave after the migratory period gets over. Also, they can detect the relationship between human and birds and thus help out in protecting any endangered species. The AI technology is thus much more capable to protect our biodiversity and help out in research to tell much about any new species.

    The Fitbits And The Fit Bands- The youth is much into fitness these days. We are picking up trackers that measure our heartbeat, sleep pattern, calories burnt while workout, number of strokes made while swimming; endless number of tasks in a small bundled device. These devices are keeping us in track and help us in monitoring our daily activities. With these collection of data, we can improve and challenge ourselves for personal fitness. Also, there is a significant increase in number of sales for the fitness equipments where these data help them to penetrate their business and utilize these data for better decision making & targeted advertising.

    In some western countries and widely in China, you step out of your home and there lies the “Real Guardian Angel”; the Street Cameras and traffic cameras everywhere locating and tracking each and every movement. The AI has started detecting the gestures and thus inferencing conclusions like emotions. This data is used in detecting criminal behaviors and thus reduce crime rate significantly. The Cameras are also laced up with advance voice technology where specific sounds like that of Gun Shoot or someone calling out for help, the cameras detect the voice and moves towards that particular direction to identify any sort of happenings. A city with these technologies installed, the administration gets well aware of its’ people’s individual behaviour.

    India is the potential hub next to China to have a data set and bring out a revolutionary change to AI. I myself being a part of Anudip would like to thank our GM Sir Tanmay Mukherjee and my colleague Biswajit Dey to have given me an opportunity to dive in the ocean of AI and explore its wide potential. It’s a very little contribution from our BEST team to the digital wave of transformation.


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