• August 12, 2019
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    Blog by Nicholas Webster Simoneaux, Training Manager – Anudip New Orleans.

    As Anudip Foundation expands its operations in New Orleans, I’d like to recognize the people who have helped make this work possible.

    First: the students. In the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with over 30 students. Per client confidentiality, I cannot disclose personal information. I can say, however, that each person has made my life more beautiful. I hope that the students have valued their time with me as much as I have enjoyed getting to know them.

    Second: the partners. Lisa and Danny Fitzpatrick at the APEX Youth Center, who served as our host when I first began. Lisa and Danny have impacted thousands of lives, and I thank them for their hospitality and example.

    The team at the Odyssey House: CEO Ed Carlson, for supporting our partnership and welcoming us into the Odyssey House. Rosa Thomason, for ensuring that our work serves the clients. Ciera Davis, for sharing her office with the classroom, and providing me with guidance and encouragement. Krystal Brown, for supporting and transporting clients to-and-from field trips and interviews. Rhonda, at the front desk, for a warm welcome each afternoon. Thank you to all of the counselors who I have met — and those I heard about from the clients — for the incredible work you do.

    The Sheriff’s Office & Support Staff: Sheriff Marlin Gusman, for approving our relationship with the Day Reporting Center. Jennifer Jenkins Holmes; for her kind laughter, graduation celebrations, and community spirit. Brenda and Marcus, who provide the clients with case management services that go above and beyond. Lajaunda Johnson, who makes me feel at home. Raven, whose excitement is contagious. John Hill, a leader and mentor to client and teacher alike. Lawrence Lawes, of LA Workforce Commission, who provides students a direct portal to employment–and good humor. Skip Henderson, Career Counselor: for emotional support and helping me keep perspective.

    Our iMerit hiring partner: CEO Radha Basu for establishing an organization that helps expand economic participation for the underserved. Gabriele Trabucco, for giving the Anudip students a friendly face and strong introduction to potential employment. Shrijata & Indrajit and the HR team for coordinating interviews and helping students through the employment process.

    Third: Anudip Colleagues. Tanmay, Smita, and Bishwanath — my colleagues who I’ve only been able to meet via Skype & email, but were ready to help with any request. Jason Bargas: whose mentorship I value greatly — the kind of supervisor a person wishes to have. Monica, for your spirit of peer-support that I am excited to see develop. Dipak Basu: for building this organization, believing in my talent, and hearing my voice.

    There are more individuals beyond the above — I apologize for any omission, and hope to indicate how lucky I am to do this work. When I go to bed in the evening, I do not believe there is anything better for me to have done for the city of New Orleans that day.

    Thank you again for a beautiful year, and I look forward to achieving greater impact.


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