Came December 10th, Saturday, the sound of buckling spring keys of laptops, long hours of meetings, mails and the humdrum cacophony all came to a pause across Anudip Headquarters and regional centres, when wards and kids of Anudip and iMerit employees were invited at the office premises for Srishti, a painting competition organized by the PR & Corporate Communication Department of Anudip, commemorating the Children’s Day in India. Themed as ‘the world of computers”, Srishti gathered more than 70 participants from both the organization aged between 3 to 12 years, all sketching enthusiastically their imagination of a digital srishti-2-collageworld.

While the young artists enjoyed painting sitting in the cubicles of their parents, the employees were overjoyed to see their kids bring out myriad usage of computers in the modern day through their sketches. Members from the Anudip and iMerit Senior Management, who were the judges on the panel for the day, faced a real challenge choosing the best ones and ended up going beyond the target-awarding 16 best paintings which would be later framed as Anudip New Year Calendars and Greeting Cards. Srishti 2016 ended with fun, refreshments and adieu from the children leaving the Anudip Canvas with hues of prosperity and technology for the coming year.

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