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The ICRA Volunteering meet brought together the Kolkata ICRA (formerly Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited)) employees and the students of Anudip Foundation for an eventful day at the Kolkata ICRA Office at A.J.C Bose Road.  Ten students from the present Mograhat Centre batch from West Bengal were taken to the city office so that they could get to taste the corporate life and office culture.

Picture2The students and representatives from Anudip were first welcomed by ICRA representatives who took all of them for an office tour so that the students could see various divisions of the departments and their functions.

This was followed by a short tea and Ice breaking session conducted by all the members of the ICRA office along with the Kolkata Head Jayanta Roy. Post this, a workshop on “Interview Facing Skills’’ was conducted by Mr. Roy where he focused on how to cope with nervousness, common problems faced in an interview, and to deal with real time issues. The students were engrossed while listening to him and some of them shared their own experiences in their first interview.

A workshop on “Writing Resumes“ was conducted by Mrs. Indira who explained to our students the methodologies and tricks of writing a flawless resume  with the help of powerpoint presentations.

Picture3After a sumptuous lunch the “Mock Interview“ session began where students were interviewed to check their job readiness by the ICRA Volunteers. This was a one-to-one session where students were assessed individually and individual progress ratings was shared to each student. This was infact a very big exposure for our students, which we believe will boost their abilities to prepare harder and be in such place where they dream to be someday.  A great venture by ICRA and Anudip indeed.



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