Coronavirus’s devastating impact includes lack of medical supplies and essentials worsening the second COVID wave hit in India. The impact of the COVID-19 has dramatically impacted people of all economic strata, in all age groups across states. This time the humanitarian crisis is unprecedented with numbers spiraling out of control with Covid reaching the villages and rural areas. With thousands coming forward to help, we at ANUDIP, are trying our best to deliver free COVID First Aid Kit/Grocery Food Support and Telemedicine Services at the doorstep for the entire quarantine period for low/no income families whose family bread-earners has been forced to stay isolated due to COVID hit and ill-health.

Your funds would be used for the major thee themes

EMERGENCY RELIEF Continue to address immediate needs of migrants through dry ration/ hygiene essentials

Ration, Daily  and COVID Medical Kit for the needy families in quarantine where the possibility of stay-at-home orders would prevail for more than two weeks in view of COVID-19 disease of the earning members. Coronavirus Home Kit comprising of Pulse Oximeter, Steam Inhaler, , an easy-to-use digital thermometer essential vitamin tablets, paracetamol and other over the counter medicine) – as a home management kit for COVID-19 symptomatic or positive patients, to help them monitor and manage the illness from home. This is essential in the poorer families who are not even testing for Covid and spreading it to others and getting incorrect/inadequate treatment on time.

ALTERNATIVE LIVELIHOODS Up-skill at least one member of a migrant household acquires a fresh skill

Video consultation with physicians to tackle Covid management from home. We will facilitate telemedicine services bringing primary healthcare and wellness services to doorsteps in the wake of lockdowns, and unavailability of doctors and chaos in hospitals.

PUBLIC HEALTH Support vulnerable communities in protecting themselves from Covid-19 and help them access medical
preparedness using digital tools

Vaccination Drives Awareness Programs & Registrations: One of the key challenges the unserved Indian population is facing is the Covid-19 vaccination hesitancy and lack of awareness on its effectiveness. Anudip as a frontline non-profit will enable its wide audience through effective communication and networking to register for vaccines online and successfully initiate COVID-19 vaccinations.


By contributing to this fundraiser, you would become a stakeholder in not only providing immediate relief to migrant and vulnerable workers but also in creating a broader platform for their visibility and sustainability. Your contribution would generate the momentum to ensure dignified work and lives for workers everywhere. As we cope with a global crisis, it is also imperative to bring together state policy, the private sector, civil society and workers’ groups to focus on this singular goal.

We encourage you to join us in this endeavor.