Blog by Brahma Sankar Das, Regional Training In-Charge, Anudip Odisha

The “Journey” mentioned in the name of this story, is about an unforgettable experience for the Anudip team in Odisha. It was the month of November in 2016. Everyone in the Odisha team can rewind to the fact that, it was the 3rd and 4th quarter of the financial year, when many reshuffles took place and new decisions were taken for the betterment of the organization.

Out of those, one was to establish the Odisha operations for iMerit Technologies Services in Bhubaneswar. Frankly speaking, we were very much aware of the fact that this opportunity will not come again. What motivated us the most is, since their inception iMerit has never looked at hiring non-Anudip staff for entry-level positions. Though they are a globally networkedIMG_1805 IT services company, they believe in Anudip. It is all about trust, dedication, sincerity, quality, vision and mission of both the organizations. They are very close in to their social mission of empowering lives of many youth and women of this country. Initially I was considering it as a sister company, but truly speaking my experience proved it as “the largest recruiter of Anudip” and also the best place to work for our students.

On 2nd November 2016, iMerit’s expansion to Bhubaneswar was finalized and we grabbed this one time opportunity and started the training from 7th November. But, there was a catch. To start the iMerit’s Odisha operations, they were in need of minimum 50 full time employees with clearly the toughest selection process post an advanced training period of 100 hours. But the team was determined. Moreover, the biggest turning point in our endeavor was to get Anindya sir from iMerit as our mentor. He immediately he named this mission as “Project SAMBHAV.” Since then there was no looking back. The firstIMG_1827 drive ended with 14 selections and the process continued. It has also proved to be a boon for Odisha operations as post the first selection, the footfall has increased in almost all the centers. It was a result of tremendous team effort that on 8th February, 2017, the joint Odisha operations expanded  with the inauguration of the new delivery center of iMerit and new branch office of Anudip at Bomikhal in Bhubaneswar.

Today, there are more than 150 Anudip alumni who are working as full time permanent employees of iMerit. IMG_1796It has only been 8 to 10 months, and some of them have already moved to senior levels. Their lifestyles have changed. They are financially more stable and independent now. One thing which I have learnt in my professional career is that “an employee grows when an organization grows.” From their stability it seems like the organization is growing and expanding very rapidly. Being Anudipites, it is a positive sign for us in achieving the mission set by our esteemed founders. We have a wonderful team lead by superb mentors. We just have to keep the meaning of the word “TEAM” (Together Everyone Achieves More) alive.


Blog by Apu Gayen, Senior Soft Skill Trainer, SAVE

It was a hot summer day. I was returning from my workplace by bus. The bus was crowded and I found myself standing beside a seat reserved for persons with disabilities. Suddenly I felt someone touching my feet. I noticed the girl on the seat bending down. I recognized the twinkling eyes and shy smile immediately. Moyna was a student of mine at Anudip’s Specially Abled Vocational Education (SAVE) Programme. I was overwhelmed by her behavior. She offered her seat to me and as I declined, I embarked on a conversation with her.

A shy young girl with congenital deformities in both upper arms but with spirits touching the sky – she dared to go against gender norms, countless biases, and entrenched social belief which are shackles that bind many like her.

In her quest to contribute towards the economic upliftment of her family, Moyna was able to travel the 94 km from her home in Gopiballavpur village of the Jangalmahal area of West Bengal to Anudip’s SAVE center at Debra, West Midnapore to develop employable skills, only by virtue of her rock solid grit and determination. She stayed at a close-by rented room, away from home, with ten other girls and learnt how to use the computer and communicate in English in the corporate world.

After 3 months of training and practice, employment opportunities in Kolkata came her way and she joined Minacs Pvt. Ltd. as a Customer Service Executive with a modest salary of INR 6000 per month. She knew the meager 2000 rupees she was able to send back home would mean a lot to her family.

One and a half years later today, Moyna earns INR 12000 per month and is the principal earning member of her family. She is extremely thankful to Anudip for the opportunity and was overjoyed to come across me on her way to work.

Needless to say, the pride and fulfillment I experienced cannot be expressed in words. Moyna, truly was a reflection of courage, success and inspiration.



Blog By Mehuli Majumder , Regional Head, West Bengal Operations

The ICRA Volunteering meet brought together the Kolkata ICRA (formerly Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited)) employees and the students of Anudip Foundation for an eventful day at the Kolkata ICRA Office at A.J.C Bose Road.  Ten students from the present Mograhat Centre batch from West Bengal were taken to the city office so that they could get to taste the corporate life and office culture.

Picture2The students and representatives from Anudip were first welcomed by ICRA representatives who took all of them for an office tour so that the students could see various divisions of the departments and their functions.

This was followed by a short tea and Ice breaking session conducted by all the members of the ICRA office along with the Kolkata Head Jayanta Roy. Post this, a workshop on “Interview Facing Skills’’ was conducted by Mr. Roy where he focused on how to cope with nervousness, common problems faced in an interview, and to deal with real time issues. The students were engrossed while listening to him and some of them shared their own experiences in their first interview.

A workshop on “Writing Resumes“ was conducted by Mrs. Indira who explained to our students the methodologies and tricks of writing a flawless resume  with the help of powerpoint presentations.

Picture3After a sumptuous lunch the “Mock Interview“ session began where students were interviewed to check their job readiness by the ICRA Volunteers. This was a one-to-one session where students were assessed individually and individual progress ratings was shared to each student. This was infact a very big exposure for our students, which we believe will boost their abilities to prepare harder and be in such place where they dream to be someday.  A great venture by ICRA and Anudip indeed.




Gourav Mukherjee, a summer intern at Anudip writes his experience at Dakshin Barasat Training Centre of Anudip in the 24-Paraganas district of West Bengal. His blog brings out how he turned his informative field visit to an enticing day by making a new friend!

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Dr. Partha Pratim Chakrabarty, Director of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP),  visited Anudip and iMerit offices in Metiabruz and Baruipur on June 18th 2017.

Dr. Chakraborty was accompanied by Dr. Sudeshna Sarkar, Head of Computer Science Department, and Dr. Sriman Bhattacharya, Deputy Director of IITKGP to  Anudip’s 3D Printing for Development (3D4D) Lab at Baruipur, which runs an innovative program for design and deployment of  3D printed prosthetic arms for needy people.

IITKGP and Anudip are investigating joint R&D ventures for improvement of 3D printed prosthetics and other innovative programs with the rapidly evolving technology.

Dr. Chakraborty and Dr. Sarkar also visited iMerit’s Centre at Metiabruz, where they met Anudip students who are today working in state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence projects for global clients.



Swarnalatha Maripini, Coach and Soft Skill Trainer from Anudip’s Gopalapattnam Centre in Andhra Pradesh pens down her enticing experience with her colleagues in the Office Picnic at Sunray, a village resort, thirty-eight kilometers from the city of Vishakhapatnam. Her blog promulgates the fun and informal activities with her co-workers and seniors throughout the day in the midst of green botanical zone which strengthened their bonding and also served as great morale booster.

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Anudip Foundation in collaboration with its trusted partner, ITC, organized DISHA (meaning “direction” in Sanskrit) – a multi company recruitment drive on 27th March 2017, at Ranihati in rural West Bengal. This unique endeavour, jointly hosted by Anudip and ITC’s CSR initiative, assembled more than 350 Anudip students from Ranihati and Amta regions to connect them with reputed employers like Arohan Financial, Intelenet Global, Eureka Forbes, Infosite, Zodiac Express, Bhandari Automobile and other leading companies offering jobs across various verticals.

“We are in need of work,” said DSC_9003Prabuddha Kanrar, a Anudip student. “Thank you for this excellent initiative which helped job-aspirants like us to evaluate if our existing skill sets match with industry requirements. We never had such an opportunity to meet myriad recruiters under one roof.”

To encourage this first one-of-a kind job fair in the Howrah district, Panchayat leaders and Block Development Officers were present at the venue. The single-day job fair in a huge expo facility was successful in generating about 200 onsite interviews with selection of more than 100 Anudip students for their IT and communication skills in IT-enabled Services (ITeS), e-commerce, micro-finance, and retail sectors.

Describing the integrated approach of DISHA in solving employability issues of rural youth, Prasun Kumar, Head of Corporate Relations at Anudip, noted, “We secured good responses from a large number of corporates participating at the fair and addressing their hiring needs. DISHA was a great way to direct multiple employers to a new audience of skilled and enthusiastic candidates from low-income families, seeking career advancement prospects. We are planning to conduct more such Anudip employment drives in the future in other parts of the country and are excited our students will tap these opportunities. ’’



On Feb 8, the Union Cabinet, chaired by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved an outlay of Rs 2,351.38 crore as ‘Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan’ (PMGDISHA) to make 6 crore rural households digitally literate by March 2019. Under the scheme, 25 lakh candidates will be digitally trained in the fiscal year 2016-17, 275 lakh in FY 2017-18 and 300 lakh in FY 2018-19.

In this breakneck technology pace, Anudip Foundation’s unique online skill development initiative Digital Inclusion of Young Aspirants or DIYA (meaning “lamp” in Sanksrit) launched almost a year back through its two innovative platforms – Digital Learning Centres and Digital Academies equip marginalized youth with impactful digital-age employment skills and scalable livelihood opportunities. DIYA covers an array of professional courses using cutting-edge technology which will hone young talents from the rural and peri-urban locations of the country for a digital career.

Furthering its benefits, Dipak Basu, Chairman and CEO of Anudip assures that DIYA “intends to kindle India into a digitally enlightened society and knowledge economy and we are happy to find that Anudip’s vision to create digital livelihoods aligns with the Government’s digital momentum in India’s hinterland.”

(Source: The Hindu)


Came December 10th, Saturday, the sound of buckling spring keys of laptops, long hours of meetings, mails and the humdrum cacophony all came to a pause across Anudip Headquarters and regional centres, when wards and kids of Anudip and iMerit employees were invited at the office premises for Srishti, a painting competition organized by the PR & Corporate Communication Department of Anudip, commemorating the Children’s Day in India. Themed as ‘the world of computers”, Srishti gathered more than 70 participants from both the organization aged between 3 to 12 years, all sketching enthusiastically their imagination of a digital srishti-2-collageworld.

While the young artists enjoyed painting sitting in the cubicles of their parents, the employees were overjoyed to see their kids bring out myriad usage of computers in the modern day through their sketches. Members from the Anudip and iMerit Senior Management, who were the judges on the panel for the day, faced a real challenge choosing the best ones and ended up going beyond the target-awarding 16 best paintings which would be later framed as Anudip New Year Calendars and Greeting Cards. Srishti 2016 ended with fun, refreshments and adieu from the children leaving the Anudip Canvas with hues of prosperity and technology for the coming year.


Rina Samanta, a student from Anudip’s Harindanga Centre located in rural Bengal, offers a vivid and fundamental science report on an interesting question: – “Why is the grass green?” Her research, triggered by the question any four-year-old would ask, – takes us back to an important science lesson we learnt in school. Rina’s colourful depiction of the project will grab your attention and make you smile with nostalgia.

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